Portable Hot Water Boilers

Portable Hot Water Boilers

Portable steam boilers come in all types and sizes to address any industry need or application. Most standard portable steam boilers (which are utilized to provide hot water as well) consist of a trailer unit with a shell and tube heat exchanger that’s taken to the job site and connected to your steam hot water source, with condensate sent back to trailer unit when providing hot water. This way, you can use the steam unit combination for steam or hot water, which has worked really well over the years as it offers a lot of versatility. But recently there has been an increasing need for something simpler, and portable hot water boilers are the perfect solution.

Portable hot water boilers (PHWB) are unique in that they’re purpose built to provide hot water for domestic or heating applications. Hospitals, nursing homes, schools, hotels, apartment complexes and other industries that need to heat large volumes of water are great candidates for this type of portable boiler -- especially when facing boiler upgrades or as a stop-gap when an existing boiler breaks down. What makes these units so desirable is their size, durability and ease of use.

A PHWB unit is small enough to be transported by a ¾ ton pick-up truck -- no semi needed. Once you get it to the job site, it can be parked right next to the building for easy hook-up. All connectors and flanges are external and positioned for easy access, so you can connect directly to your building with supplied hoses and power cords. Built from durable stainless steel and brass, they are designed for either potable or heating applications. These units are designed to handle the elements, so they can be left outside with no need for additional shelter.

Set-up time from the moment of delivery is typically only a few hours and does not require advanced technical expertise or special tools. All connectors are provided, so once power is supplied and all of the flange connections are made, you’re essentially ready to go.

Boasting 88% combustion efficiency and 2 million BTU output, these new PHWBs may be the perfect solution when it’s time for your next upgrade or as a go-to when an emergency boiler repair strikes. For more information on these hot water boilers or other rentable steam boilers, visit us online today.

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