United By Values, Inspired By Customers

United By Values, Inspired By Customers

WARE’s history in the steam business goes back three generations. In that time, a lot of things in our industry have changed. Boilers have gotten safer and more efficient. Controls and monitoring capabilities have gotten more sophisticated. Efficiency is higher than ever. But we’re proud to say a few things haven’t changed, specifically the family values that guide WARE every day. From our humble beginnings as a one-man operation to the multi-facility complex we’ve become, we’ve never lost sight of what’s important, and why we’re here.

WARE’s values are actually more relevant today than ever. In a world where shortcuts become the norm and customer service becomes a luxury, WARE still insists on doing it the right way, every day. 

Our beliefs are simple, really.

Faith in ourselves, our coworkers, and in a higher power.

Service, because the greater good makes everyone better.

Relationships, because putting people first is the right thing to do. 

Growth in our business, and in our employees’ potential, so we can all enjoy our best lives.

There’s one other important place you’ll see our values come through, and that’s in the companies we choose as partners. That’s more relevant than ever right now, because WARE is making a big change that’s going to be a milestone in our company’s history. We’ve recently become part of Armstrong International, and that means great things for our customers.

Shared Values & Commitment To Service

Armstrong International shares the same values we do, especially when it comes to business. They believe in going the extra mile, doing superb work for a fair price, and building relationships on trust and honesty.  So the customers that WARE currently serves will still get the same high level of service they’re used to. Only now, because we’re part of one of the world’s leading thermal utility solutions providers, we can do even more for our customers than ever. It also means that WARE is going to be able to bring our level of dedication and service to a lot more customers. That means more and better steam for everyone, and that’s what makes the world go round. 

A Combined 200 Years Industry Experience

The WARE/Armstrong partnership wasn’t a decision that WARE undertook lightly. But as it turns out, it was literally the best thing that could have happened for everyone involved, especially our customers. 

Third-generation WARE owner Ritchie Ware says it best:

“We were looking for a needle in a haystack and we found it in Armstrong. We are excited about this partnership. With a combined history of 200 years, our two families may be one of the best culture fits in our industry. We are looking forward to continuing to grow and be a leader in the steam and hot water business. With the best employees in the business and a great partner like Armstrong, the sky's the limit. We are incredibly excited about this opportunity that is ahead and look forward to sharing more information in the weeks and months ahead.” 

So remember, whether you need parts, service, or a new or rental boiler, trust the family of experts who treat you like family. Because our family is now bigger and better than ever.

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