WARE is Stronger Than Ever

WARE is Stronger Than Ever

Here at WARE, we’ve always held ourselves to a higher standard. We always put our customers first, and we always do the right thing. Furthermore, we select the people we hire based on their alignment with our values. Specifically, the values created by our founder, Ivan Ware, which guide our company today.

As you can imagine, it’s not often you run across a company that’s as value-driven as we are. But we did. They’re called Armstrong International. They’re one of the world’s leading thermal utility services providers, and it turns out we have a lot in common. They’re good at what they do, which has allowed them to build a reputation for skill and quality that rivals our own. They also share our passion for customer satisfaction, and see every customer interaction as a chance to build a long-term relationship. They’re fair and honest, and believe in a job well done, too.

Needless to say, when you find someone who shares your values, you tend to want to hang around with them. Which is why WARE is proud to announce that we are now part of the Armstrong family. This new partnership will give both companies new and more comprehensive ways to serve their customers, and that translates as a big win for the people we serve.

Thanks to Armstrong, we now have over a century of expertise in thermal utility and industrial energy management to draw upon. We’re also part of Armstrong’s global network as well, which gives us an even broader array of solutions that will let us serve customers in new ways.

As a part of Armstrong, we’re going to have a lot of growth potential ahead of us that will let us offer our services to more people, and show the world how steam is done. We’re pretty excited about everything. Honestly, if it wasn’t such a good fit as far as values, we wouldn’t have joined up with Armstrong. We’ve always put our customers first, and we’ll never let anything jeopardize that. Now that we’re part of Armstrong, we’re excited to explore all the new capabilities we can bring to the table. All of which will, of course, be delivered with the same honesty, hard work, integrity, and diligence that made us such a good fit with Armstrong in the first place. 

Remember, we’re always going to be here for you with the parts, services, training, new boilers, and rental boilers you need. We’ll still pick up the phone when you call us for a quote, 24/7. And we’ll still make our founder Ivan proud every day. Whatever you need, just let us know

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