WARE’s Corporate Office Finds a New Home

WARE’s Corporate Office Finds a New Home

This year brought a unique set of challenges. But, above it all, WARE is thankful for the support we’ve received from our loyal customers and our dedicated team members. It’s thanks to them that we can announce this fantastic news: WARE has moved into a new corporate office!

Coming at a time of significant growth and change, this move is an exciting step in WARE’s history. We are thrilled to see where this expansion takes us. To give you an idea of how this move will affect us internally and externally, we are proud to share the details and benefits of our new corporate office. We hope that you can share in our excitement.

The New Corporate Office 

Our corporate team has officially moved into 15,000 square-foot office space within our 55,000 square-foot facility. The facility will house our corporate team, boilerwarehouse.com inventory, and our valve shop, with room to grow.

Since the company’s beginning in 1952, this is the fourth time WARE has expanded into a larger space—with our previous move being in 1982. With every next step in our growth, we are more and more grateful for the people who make this success possible. It’s a true testament to our quality customer service and expansive product offerings. We are beyond proud that our customers can turn to us for boiler room training, parts, services, and rentals. You can find our new corporate office at 3401 Bashford Avenue Court, Louisville, Kentucky 40218.

With this addition, we now have three locations within three miles: our rental facility (which will remain at our previous site), state-of-the-art BoilerU training facility, and corporate office. This expansion in Louisville, Kentucky, also comes in tandem with growth in other parts of the country, as we have also expanded our rental division into Denison, Texas.

The Benefit to Our Customers

WARE has evolved throughout the years, always for the better, and we are dedicated to making each change beneficial to our patrons. As we expand throughout this new space, we are committed to increasing the cohesiveness of our company. By placing our corporate team all under one roof, we can continually improve our customer experience—finding new and efficient ways to offer everything they need to manage a safe and efficient boiler room.

Beyond streamlined operations, this move will allow us to continue providing our customers with quality service while also expanding our offerings. For example, the facility’s size creates an opportunity for boilerwarehouse.com to expand its inventory, providing an even more comprehensive set of parts for not only end users but also contractors.

The Benefit to Our Employees

Employee satisfaction is a high priority for WARE. We are proud to provide our team with this facility because it will offer them a better quality office space with more room to connect with each other and our customers.

Our leadership team has plans in the works to improve our employees’ experience. We will soon be creating a lounge area to allow team members to build and strengthen their community. The office is set up with 2 internal conference rooms for our team members to meet and an external conference room for customers and vendors. In the near future, we will provide a larger conference room for internal collaboration due to COVID that allows a quiet, socially distance friendly area dedicated for larger numbers.

Prior to the move, our team members were confined because of the limited space. Now, with a newer facility, new furniture, and better amenities, we can now offer our employees a space they’re proud of and can see themselves growing in.

Thank You for Following Our Journey

Ritchie Ware and the Ware family truly appreciates the people who have made WARE the successful boiler room parts, boiler rental, boiler sales and service provider we are today.

“We love our new digs, but it’s the people that make the building awesome. What we are excited about is that this move sets WARE up for our next chapter of growth. The move will allow growth for our family, employees, our partners, WARE, and the many new outstanding employees that we haven’t met yet. Now in our third generation, our company has tried to follow our founder, Ivan Ware, as a servant to our employees and our customers. He was “Servant Leadership” before it was popular. We can’t wait to see what God has in store for WARE and our new corporate home,” said Ware.

We will continue to provide the high-quality service you’ve come to expect from our company, and we welcome you to schedule your next service, rent a mobile boiler, make a part order, or to begin your boiler room training. To learn more about our comprehensive services, please contact us. Our team of experts is ready and waiting to answer any questions you may have.

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