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Preventative Boiler Maintenance


Boiler Maintenance


With over 60 years in servicing industrial and commercial boiler and burner systems, WARE has the know how to keep your system running.  WARE's boiler preventive maintenance checklist program can minimize unscheduled down time, ensure safe operation and maintain an efficient system.

What WARE's preventative maintenance program can do for you

  • Assure faster emergency response
  • Save on time and material
  • Discount of $500.00 on boiler training
  • Save fuel costs (See example below)
Example: 100 HP boiler operating at 50% load, 75% efficiency, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week assuming natural  gas cost at 1.00 per therm will cost $10,200 per month for fuel.  By increasing the efficiency to just 80% you will save $510 per month for gas with an annual savings of approximately $6120. (Savings can easily offset the cost of the maintenance plan)

Call us today to set-up your preventative maintenance appointment and see how you can save.