Boil It Out - Making Steam Boilers More Efficient

Boil It Out - Making Steam Boilers More Efficient

There it is, your new boiler, all gleaming and shiny. It would be easy to think you can immediately turn it on and let it do its thing, but before you flip the switch, a boil-out should be performed.

Like the name implies, this procedure boils out any residue created during the manufacturing process such as oil, grease, lubricants and other protective coatings. If this residue is not cleaned out, it could lower the heat transfer rate and result in undesirable foaming, priming, and carry-over. Manufacturers do not boil-out new boilers, but the good news is that the boil-out procedure is relatively quick and easy to perform.

The boil-out should be done by a qualified technician who knows how to protect against any hazards associated with the boil-out procedure. Your local water treatment consultant should be contacted for advice on the specific type of boil-out compound to be used.

After securing your boil-out compound, the safety valves are disengaged, and the boiler is filled with clean, room-temperature water. The boiler is started and operated manually in a low fire setting. As it heats, the water will expand and will eventually have to be drained to prevent overflow. Your technician must be sure to follow proper water disposal instructions provided by the blow-out compound manufacturer.

Once the water begins to boil and creates a steady steam discharge, the boiler is shut off. Once the steam subsides, the boiler is ignited again, and the process continues for the duration of the boil-out. When the boil-out is completed and things have cooled down, the boiler is twice more drained and then refilled with clean, hot water, and then drained again. After this final rinse and draining, the inside of the boiler can be inspected and, if it’s all clean, the safety valves are engaged, and your boiler is ready for business.

If you need more information about preventative maintenance and routine checks, drop us a line!

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