Boiler Training: An Investment In Success

Boiler Training: An Investment In Success

A boiler emergency could cost you more than just time and money. In order to avoid a potentially hazardous situation for both your employees and equipment, accurate and engaging training on all aspects of industrial boiler function is an absolute must.

We believe in hands-on training with familiar boiler equipment conducted by seasoned boiler industry professionals—there is simply no replacing the advice and expertise of a seasoned veteran. That’s why we developed WARE Boiler University—to formalize the thorough, quality training and education that only experience can provide. We proudly offer over 60 years of expertise in a one-of-a-kind, college-accredited program to anyone involved in the industrial boiler industry.

We offer a full range of courses, from 2-day and 3-day in-depth classes on boiler mechanics, components and operating systems, to 4-hour presentations on such topics as system basics and daily operations. In fact, we even create customized classes designed to meet very specific needs.


WARE firmly believes that anyone involved in the business of industrial boilers or boiler-related equipment should receive thorough instruction from individuals who know the business. Detailed understanding of the full range of boiler functionality provides for the safest daily operations, the most efficient maintenance and repair, and the most accurate planning and purchasing. And the more knowledge you impart to your boiler personnel, the greater your protection against incidents caused by human error.

WARE Boiler University combines detailed collegiate-style lecture and lab training presented by experienced professionals with hands-on field training on fully operational equipment. Classes and topics are selected to improve productivity and success on the job, as well as many other subjects essential to the optimal operation of industrial equipment. Students will also experience seeing, touching and troubleshooting nearly every component of applicable boiler equipment, from 50 horsepower to 75,000 pounds per hour, under the careful supervision of industry veterans.

Boiler University 101 (Two-Day Description)

Boiler 101 is a two-day introduction to the boiler room, covering all of the important aspects from water treatment, to boiler operations, to condensate systems. This seminar style, media-rich class offers a great first look at boilers for beginners; a great review for experienced operators, maintenance employees, plant engineers, contractors, production employees, service technicians; or a great starting point for anyone in a boiler room, and it will provide a roadmap to keep your boiler room on the right track.

Experienced instructors will present:

• Water Softeners

• Boiler System Water Chemistry

• Boiler Feedwater systems

• Boilers types and overview

• Burners and Components

• Combustion• Boiler Operations

• Boiler Maintenance, Inspections

• Energy Saving Options

• Steam System Fundamentals, Traps

Boiler University 201 (Three-Day Description)

Boiler 201 is a three-day program building on the 101 foundation, but adding the full experience of our Louisville Boiler Lab, providing hands-on opportunities on many subjects with our four fully operational lab boilers. Beginners will get the full perspective of an operating system, and even seasoned operators and contractors will gain valuable insight from displays such as the fully glass-piped steam and condensate system demonstrator.

Who should attend:

• Boiler Operators

• Maintenance Employees

• Service Technicians

• Plant Managers

• Plant Engineers

• Production Employees

• Contractors

• Anyone interested in getting a great start to understanding boiler room operations!

Click here for more info and a link to online registration.

Customized Boiler University

Customized Boiler University classes are also available. When you customize WARE Boiler University, WARE brings the very best boiler industry educational experience to your facility. Students will be trained on your plant’s equipment; our professionals will provide hands-on expert instruction using the very same boilers your personnel will be operating every day. If you would like additional information about customizing your Boiler University training classes, click here.

For more information, call 800-228-8861.

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