How having spare boiler parts could save you thousands.


It's late at night. Suddenly, a part in your boiler breaks and it stops producing steam. Even if you can immediately locate the needed replacement part, it could take several hours (or days) to get it in, and every second down means you could be losing thousands of dollars.

Having spare parts for your boiler can help you to keep running even if something breaks. It also allows you to save time by changing out potentially damaged parts while troubleshooting. Whether it's Gasket Kits or Mod Motors, having these spare parts on hand can save you time, money, and headaches.

Ignition Components - If your boiler’s not lit, you’re in the hot seat, so having extra igniters and flame rods is important. These parts get sooted up with regular use, so you’ll be glad to have these on hand for quick change outs. Make sure you’ve got ignition wire, too, and maybe even an ignition transformer for backup.

Flame Safeguards -- Burner Controllers, Purge Timers, and Amplifiers are smart to have in stock as they are very easy to replace and can save valuable time for troubleshooting problems. You’ll also want extra Scanners, as they are good for troubleshooting flame failure.

Gaskets -- This may seem like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised how many places don’t stock spares. For as often as you’re opening up the boiler for inspections and cleaning, having full gasket kits and additional spares of your most-used gaskets can prevent a major headaches down the line.

Pressure Controls -- Gas pressure switches and air pressure switches can have long lead times to replace, so it makes sense to have spares -- they’re not very expensive and can save you hundreds in service calls.

Site Glass - No matter how well made they are, they all inevitably fail. The good news is that they are easy enough to change out, so add these to your spare parts “must haves.” 

Standard Mod Motors - Whether you’re using these for firing rates or controlling air dampers, it pays to have at least one motor on your parts shelf so you can get back up and running quickly.

Boiler Tricocks - These can leak or accumulate crusty build-up, so keeping several of these in stock helps you sleep easier.

Probes - Some boilers have probe type water cuts-offs or high alarms, and these probes and gaskets, like ignitors, can get fouled up, so it’s critical to keep them clean for accurate readings. Before you install a new one, you can try and clean them up with sandpaper, but as they are relatively inexpensive, keep extras on hand.

Everything In Its Place

Having spare parts on hand is only half the battle -- you also have to find them when you need them. A designated room or shelf is ideal for spares, along with a well-kept inventory of what you have. Computers are great to keep track of things, but a tried-and-true clipboard also gets the job done. The key is to keep tabs on what you have, with easy access to vendors you order from.

Speaking of vendors, we humbly suggest you consider BoilerWAREHouse, offering more than 40,000 parts in stock. And if you’re in need of valves, say no more -- click here and we’ll set you up with whatever valve you need.

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