Handling The Pressure With Gas Pressure Switches

Handling The Pressure With Gas Pressure Switches

Gas-fired boilers rely on consistent, even gas pressure to run safely and efficiently. Too much pressure and you’ll have more flame than you need. Too little pressure and your burners can starve and extinguish. To make sure the boiler’s fire side gets the right amount of fuel, there are several systems in the boiler’s gas supply that work together in a coordinated effort. 

Welcome To The Station 

The components that work to supply gas to a boiler are known as the “gas train”. That includes everything from supply lines and gauges to valves and switches. In addition, many boilers have a subsystem dedicated to pressure regulation known as the “gas pressure regulation station.” It exists for a very good reason.

Why All The Pressure 

Unless you live next door to the gas company and know the manager personally, chances are you don’t have a dedicated line going straight to your boiler at just the right pressure. You probably have one main supply line coming into your facility, and it’s running at too high a pressure to supply your boiler safely. It has to when you think about it; your boiler isn’t the only piece of gas-fired equipment on site, so the pressure has to be high to make sure everything gets fed properly. In order for your burner to run properly, that pressure has to be stepped down. That’s where the gas pressure regulation station comes in.The station includes a gas pressure regulator to step down the supply line to the correct pressure, and a gauge on either side of it to display the incoming and outgoing pressure. That way, operators can confirm the gas is supplied at the correct pressure. 

The Switch Is On 

Even with gauges and regulators in place, the pressurized fuel gas is not to be taken lightly (even if it is lighter than the air around it. Natural gas is, propane isn’t.) To ensure absolute safety and preserve proper combustion, a gas-fired boiler uses a gas pressure switch to confirm that the pressure is at the right level to feed the burners properly. The switch works with the boiler’s safety systems and control systems during startup, shutdown, and every firing cycle, confirming everything is okay before the burner can fire. The gas pressure switch also acts as a safeguard to shut the boiler down if the gas pressure suddenly spikes. That way, the fuel won’t even have a chance to make it to the burner, and the boiler is saved from potential damage. 

If you want to have your gas pressure switches serviced or inspected, WARE technicians have the skills and expertise to do it right. If you need a new switch, WARE’s Boiler Warehouse carries a full line of them for nearly every boiler out there. And if you ever need any kind of service or maintenance, or if you’re in the market for a new or rental boiler, we have you covered, too. We’re always here to help. Just let us know what we can do

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