How to Maintain the Strainers on a Feed Water System

How to Maintain the Strainers on a Feed Water System

Strainers are a vital part of protecting a feedwater pump within a boiler system. If you’re asking yourself, ‘why should I use a strainer?’ you made it to the right place. Many installers don’t use strainers, which they end up paying for down the line. To keep it simple, you should include and prioritize cleaning strainers as part of your regular maintenance routine to ensure proper operation. This blog outlines how you can do that and how it benefits your facility.

An Efficient Maintenance Process

Most often strainers are on pump inlets to protect pumps from debris and garbage, but they won’t perform correctly without maintenance. One way to make strainers easy to maintain is by replacing the strainer plug with a pipe nipple and ball valve. Doing so enables you to easily clear the strainer of any loose debris or address any issues with blockage. It’s equally important to have proper gauges installed on the feed water line because they detect changes in pressure which could indicate that your strainer needs to be serviced. Without a ball valve, you’d have to isolate the piece and potentially drain the tank to clean the strainer out. 

Keep in mind that on annual intervals, or as needed, you should actually remove the strainer screen, clean and reinstall it for the most optimal results and proper function.

Unclean Strainers Can Lead to Failure of Operation

By prioritizing the maintenance of a strainer in your feed water system, you’re investing in your facility. Grab a new strainer and all of the parts you need to get the job done right by setting up a parts list on Parts lists allow you to quickly find the parts you need, eliminating the need to search every time. Additionally, you can order all of the parts on your list at once, saving you time and effort. 

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