Makin’ Steam at PowerGen 2017

Makin’ Steam at PowerGen 2017

We love spreading Steam Culture near and far, so when we had the opportunity to attend PowerGen 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada, our Steam Team was happy to pull up a seat at the table. PowerGen is the world’s largest power generation conference, playing host to more than 20,000 attendees and 1,400 exhibitors. It brings together leaders from across the energy industry to share the latest innovations and learn about the newest technologies.

After the conference, we chatted with Steven Taylor, our Director of Sales, and Alex Taylor of our Rental and Equipment Sales division.“My favorite thing about the PowerGen conference was getting to meet new people who could benefit from our services,” said Steven. “It still surprises me that so many people in our industry don’t know you can rent a boiler.”

Alex commented that he enjoyed talking to potential customers and helping them see the value of WARE’s services. “Even if they don’t have an immediate need, more and more customers are looking ahead and preparing contingency plans in case of an emergency situation.”

“We love getting the opportunity to explain how temporary boilers can keep energy plants in operation and save time and money while awaiting a replacement system,” added Steven. “Events like PowerGen are the best way to share the All Ways Steam message with new people.”

"We always make an effort to stand out at these events,” Steven added. “For instance, though the conference was held right before Christmas, we were the only booth decorated for the holiday. We brought a tree, lights—the works!”

“And if they happen to forget our Christmas decorations,” Alex added, “we also brought a large boiler room cutaway display that drew a lot of attention.”

It just so happens that the entire WARE team also dressed the part, with bright, Christmas-themed jackets.

“Our Christmas gear added to the atmosphere; we got lots of compliments and laughs,” said Alex. But it wasn’t all Christmas decorations and Lady Luck in Vegas that weekend.

“We know that people are going to remember the WARE team because of the services we offer,” said Steven. “We save businesses time and money by keeping them operational when their boilers go down. That’s a message that sticks with people.”

Find the WARE team at our next conference, the AHR Expo in Chicago on January 22-24, 2018.

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