Save Time and Money by Renting Your Boiler

Save Time and Money by Renting Your Boiler

Despite the corner offices, fancy conference rooms and sparkling windows, the most important room in most commercial facilities is the boiler room. That’s because the boiler room houses one of the most vital (and expensive) appliances in any industrial building. Which leads to some difficult choices when it’s time to break up with your existing boiler and update your system, including whether it’s more financially and logistically sensible to rent or buy your next boiler.

The pros at WARE understand this might be a tough choice for facility managers and owners alike, however we strongly encourage many of our customers to rent their commercial boiler. Thanks to our decades of experience, WARE’s Steam Team knows that you need to balance your financial investment against logistical concerns such as time, manpower and maintenance, and we’ve boiled our recommendation down to three key points.

  1. Convenient Repair Services – A long-term partnership with WARE means that you can benefit from our decades of maintenance and repair experience. Don’t spend hours finding and scheduling repair crews! Just call our office and an experienced technician will be deployed to your facility.
  2. System Flexibility – When you purchase your boiler, you’re committing to one kind, size and style of boiler for the foreseeable future. However, with a rental boiler, you have the flexibility to update your system as your needs change and technology advances. Don’t leave operating dollars on the boiler room floor!
  3. Agility During Emergencies – Don’t let natural disasters, system malfunctions or emergency circumstances leave you without a functional boiler. WARE’s experienced team will help you create and, if necessary, execute an emergency contingency plan that will get you back up and running with industry-leading efficiency and speed.

Whether you want to establish a long-term relationship with your boiler company or you just don’t want to let out-of-date boiler systems cost you valuable resources, a rental boiler is a great option for commercial facilities. Renting your boiler will offer you the flexibility and agility necessary to maximize your financial and logistical investments while helping to prevent needless stress and anxiety. We’ll even help you establish a contingency plan in the event of an emergency!

Contact us today to start experiencing the difference WARE can make in your facility management!

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