WARE Hits the Road

WARE Hits the Road

Last month, the WARE team took our show on the road to attend the World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC) and help spread the All Ways Steam message. The WEEC is the nation’s largest energy conference and technology expo for business, industrial and institutional energy users. They bring together top experts to develop clear paths to energy efficiency, facility optimization and sustainability. We think the WEEC is a great opportunity to find new ways to explore advances in energy efficiency and also happens to be a great way to introduce people to our company.

After the WEEC, we caught up with Alex Taylor from our Rental & Equipment Sales division to hear more about his experiences at the conference. “It’s a great way to connect with people,” says Alex. “There were many people there representing an extremely diverse gathering of real-world applications, and it was fascinating to hear about what they do.” The WARE team was able to talk shop with hundreds of attendees and get a finger on the pulse of the industry.

Despite a lot of cutting-edge ventures being present at the WEEC, a lot of people there weren’t aware that WARE’s service offering even exists within the energy industry. “It’s not that they just hadn’t heard of WARE,” explains Alex, “they hadn’t heard of our entire market segment, which includes dozens of established businesses nationwide.” Alex says that attending conferences like the WEEC plays a large part in raising marketing awareness of the scope of our services, and helping to educate people on the important role we play in helping to keep businesses running even during emergency situations.

“People are definitely going to remember the ‘mobile boiler’ people,” says Alex. “We brought levity to the atmosphere with our marketing videos and general attitude. Moreover, we educated people on how WARE can help with planned or emergency power outages, and their parts or equipment needs.”

Connecting with other industry leaders and raising market awareness for our services are just some of the reasons we love attending conferences like the WEEC. We can’t wait to get back out on the road to help spread the All Ways Steam message!

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