Mobile Valve Repair

The Valve Shop offers complete mobile valve repair services for all types of valves and a clean room trailer for the repair of valves for Oxygen services. The Valve Shop comes to your plant site, removes the valves, completes the repair or testing and re-installs the valves. Your valves never leave your plant making the planning and scheduling of your outage much easier.

Mobile Valve Repair trailer includes:

  • Machine Tools
  • Blast Cabinet
  • Air Compressor
  • Test Equipment

Inside Mobile Valve Repair Trailer

Mobile 02 Clean Room includes:

  • Liquid test stand in trailer up to 1200psi
  • Air test stand in trailer up to 1400psi
  • 6000 psi portable air test stand 
  • 600 psi portable air test stand

Inside Mobile 02 Clean Room

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