Steam Studies

The Valve Shop, a division of WARE is unique in the industry in its approach to helping customers solve steam system issues with a Steam Study. The Steam Study focuses on resolving problems encountered in a facility’s boiler room and process areas where the steam is being used. The Valve Shop reviews the steam distribution system at each point of steam use and the condensate return system to pinpoint the problems and cost effective solutions.

Steam Study Handout 1

Steam Study Sample

Steam Study SampleA comprehensive report is provided based on our testing and observations of the system and includes recommendations for improvements to the system and components. Steam Studies routinely include the following:

  • Prioritized list of Safety related improvements
  • Prioritized list of Process related improvements
  • A description of the system which include typical pipe sizes, pressure zones and uses of steam.
  • A description of the condensate return system
  • Observations and recommendations for improvement to the system for each point of steam use
  • Review of the types of traps employed
  • Assessment of the size and number of drip legs in the main steam headers
  • Assessment of the size and number of end of line drip legs in the main steam headers
  • Estimate of the steam velocity in the main steam headers
  • A complete trap report listing size, manufacturer, type, model number and indication of trap failure (leaking, backing condensate or plugged)
  • Estimate of the cost of leaking traps
  • Estimate of the cost of other system steam leaks
  • Investigation of water hammer in the steam system during startup and operation
  • Investigation of condensate induced water hammer
  • Review of condensate temperatures
  • Review of type, size and suitability of installed condensate pumps
  • Examination of debris levels in uninsulated drip legs using digital infrared camera
  • Review of condensate tank venting
  • Review of Deaerator tank venting
  • Analysis of other steam process problems as described by the customer
  • Reference Section based on Department of Energy recommendations

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