Wash Down Systems

HelioJET® Cleaning Technologies, Inc. manufactures and sells a line of patented, high pressure, hot water industrial cleaning systems primarily used for paper machine fabric cleaning. Other industries served include food, steel, chemical, airline, automobile, and pharmaceutical. HelioJET® sells a complete line of wash stations that are used throughout a plant for general purpose cleaning that helps productions lines run more efficiently.

The patented HelioPAC utilizes existing steam and cold water supplies. As steam enters the HelioPAC, it is expanded to supersonic velocity that immediately condenses with the cold water stream. The steam’s heat and momentum are then transferred to the water. The result is instantaneous pressurized hot water at more than 99% efficiency.

The Valve shop can evaluate your cleaning needs, and provide a turnkey solution.

Focus on end-user safety, performance and cost effectiveness.

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