Good As New

Good As New

WARE maintains an extensive inventory of new and rental boilers, but for companies that are on a bit of a budget, WARE also stocks a range of refurbished boilers. Pretty much the only difference is going to be the cost; WARE refurbished boilers perform like new, they’re just a little more affordable than a brand-new one. Since they’ve been inspected and refurbished by the experts at WARE, you know they’re good to go for any application you might need. 

When you get a refurbished WARE boiler, it’s not like you’re settling. You’re getting top-notch equipment backed by more than 70 years of expertise, refurbished by trained technicians and repair people who take extensive pride in their work, and in WARE’s reputation. 


When we say WARE refurbished boilers are carefully inspected, that’s a bit of an understatement. WARE goes over every refurbished boiler inside and out with expert eyes, inspecting every square inch of every component. All WARE refurbished boilers are also extensively pressure-tested to make sure they’ll provide years of reliable, leak-free life. 

Not every boiler we inspect makes the cut, either. If a boiler isn’t going to live up to our standards and deliver what our customers are expecting, we don’t bother refurbishing it. Only the best of the best used boilers get refurbished.


As part of our refurbishing process, all controls and piping are brought up to current code. This usually means full replacement of the pipes and fittings. It also means replacement of the entire control system and most if not all of the gas train and flame safeguards. All electrical wiring is also brought up to code, as are all the electrical components like the sensors that supply the control systems with data and the modulating motors that turn valves and dampers. The refractory is also carefully inspected and replaced if necessary, and the entire boiler receives a new coat of paint. 


WARE refurbished boilers are solid, and so is the savings they provide. A refurbished boiler can save the purchaser up to 40% off the cost of a showroom-new boiler, without sacrificing quality, durability, or reliability. Remember, honesty is one of the core values that Ivan Ware established for his company way back when. It’s a value that we continue to live and celebrate every day. So if we say a boiler is ready to work, you can bet it’s going to give you a long, reliable service life. That’s why every refurbished WARE boiler is backed by the same warranty as every new boiler we sell.

If you’re in the market for a new boiler and are looking to save on your investment, check out our refurbished boiler inventory for a hardworking boiler backed by WARE expertise. Of course, if you’re in the market for a rental boiler, we have a large fleet of boilers of all sizes ready to go, from mobile hot water boilers to full mobile boiler rooms. We’re also here to help keep your existing boiler running, with a staff of highly trained technicians who can handle any repair, maintenance, or service needs you have. Whatever we can do, just let us know how we can help

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